Custom Portraits

Fine Portrait Art from VSC Studio

How To Choose a Medium

Each portrait has it’s own feel, regardless of the medium chosen. As a piece is evolving it takes on a life of it’s own and tells the artist what to do. There is an interplay between the subject and how they present themselves and the artist and their feel for the work and where it is going. At some point the main thing that needs to happen is for the artist to “get out of the way” and allow this divinely led process to happen.

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Size Considerations

The size of the subject in the painting is created life-size or close to it. There are a variety of different portrait subject options. These include: a study, head and shoulders, half figure, three-quarter figure and full figure. A study or vignette is commonly referred to as “unfinished” – where the piece blends naturally into the paper or canvas without a background. A head and shoulders piece includes a background where all four corners of the paper or canvas are covered with pigment. A half figure involves the person from the waist (belt line) and up. It may or may not include a background. A three quarter figure involves the person from the knees up, including seated portraits. A full figure involves the entire person being rendered.

Advantage of Fine Art Custom Portraits

For generations people have handed down their fine arts portraits. There is nothing that replaces the personal touch of one human creating a work for another human being. Not only is the person rendered accurately, but the image created by the interplay of the person’s likeness with the artist’s God-given talent creates a product uniquely different than anything that can be captured by photography.

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